Monday, 17 October 2011

Once in the lifetime experience

284 days to go!

On 27 July 2012 Olympic Summer Games will be held in London. The eyes of the world will turn at the UK. It is a unique opportunity for success not only for the sportsmen and sportswomen but also for the Londoners. The Olympic Games are expected to attract approximately 5.5 million daytime visitors and 900,000 overnight visitors but is everybody going to make a profit?

London restaurateurs warned that the 2012 Olympic will be bad for business (and a repeat of the ‘wash-out’ Royal Wedding in 2011). They claim that regulars and cultural tourists will stay away from the Olympics and fans attending events will not dine out in central London. Moreover, business customers will attend special corporate events hosted by the Games organising committee’s sponsors and partners.

Another problem is that transport disruption, such as road closures, will cause problems not only for consumers but also for suppliers. As written in the Independent on Sunday, the Games in London mean “incredible opportunities, but those in affected areas needed to start planning now.”

How can the companies cope with these problems? For example, they could have a special Olympics website page with all information translated into foreign languages or they could offer customers the opportunity to dine at different times to fit around the sporting action. Additionally, they could enable people to watch televised events while they eat or hire the restaurant.

A good news is that some of the capital's top attractions and restaurants have signed up to a charter promising fair prices during 2012. According to the London Visitor Charter, it is done, “to protect the long term reputation, image and international perception of London as a premier visitor destination.”

One thing is obvious, it will be an unforgettable experience for all Londoners. 

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